Review Committee

The mandate of the Review Committee is to give an opinion concerning the Syndic or Assistant Syndic's decision not to file a complaint, to any individual who previously asked that the Syndic hold an inquiry, and who requests an opinion from the Committee.

The individual must submit a request to the Secretary of the Review Committee within 30 days of receiving the Syndic’s decision.

Within 90 days of the date it receives a request for an opinion, the Review Committee gives its opinion in writing after studying the record and the documents submitted by the Syndic or Assistant Syndic.

In its opinion, the Review Committee may:

  • decide that there is no cause to lodge a complaint with the Disciplinary Committee
  • suggest that the Syndic complete the inquiry
  • suggest that the Syndic refer the case to the Professional Inspection Committee
  • decide that there is cause to lodge a complaint with the Disciplinary Council and suggest the name of an individual who may do so