Roll and decisions of the Disciplinary Council

Mandate of the Disciplinary Council : The Disciplinary Council is responsible for hearing complaints against dentists submitted by the Syndic, the Assistant Syndic or by any other individual who suspects a violation of the Professional Code, the Dental Act, the Code of Ethics of Dentists or the regulations enacted under these laws. 

The Disciplinary Council consists of a Chair, an attorney assigned by the government, and 31 dentists appointed by the Board of Directors. The Council sits in divisions of three members, i.e. the Chair and two dentists.

The roll of hearings is posted at the Head Office of the Ordre des dentistes du Québec at least ten days before the date set for the hearing. All hearings are public, unless the Disciplinary Council orders that they be held in camera. The roll of disciplinary hearings gives the name of the dentist involved, the nature of the complaint, and the date, time and location of hearings. There is also an online schedule of hearings on this page. Before attending a hearing, we recommend that you check the schedule to make sure there have been no changes.

Unless the Council orders otherwise, the documents in the disciplinary file, including the complaint, are accessible as of the first day of the hearing.

The decisions of the Disciplinary Council rendered since June 2001 are now accessible on the SOQUIJ site, at, and the site of the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII), at Note that the decisions of the Disciplinary Council are subject to appeal to the Professions Tribunal or judicial review, and so may not be final.

Note that Disciplinary Council decisions may not be final, as they are subject to appeal to the Professions Tribunal or legal review.

To determine whether a member of the Ordre des dentistes has been the subject of a disciplinary complaint or for any other information, please contact the Secretary of the Disciplinary Council at 514 875-8511 or, toll free, at 1 800 361-4887

Roll of hearings

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