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2022 Annual Declaration

The portal is NOW OPEN and the deadline for completing your corporation's annual return and paying the applicable fees online is March 31, 2022.

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Information capsules

To answer the most frequently asked questions, provide additional details on different aspects and assist you in completing the form, we have prepared information capsules, which can be accessed in various sections of the annual declaration form.

To access the contents of the capsules, please note the number which is in the colored dot located immediately next to the text , then click on the "Information capsules" tab, in the menu at the top of the form and go to the text corresponding to the number sought.

Designation of a representative/agent

Dentists practicing the profession in a partnership/company can designate a professional – a lawyer, notary, tax expert, accountant or other expert – to act on their behalf and be given authorization to complete the annual declaration form of the partnership/company online and pay the required fees.

Designation of a representative/agent

To designate a representative/agent, dentists and their representatives must complete and sign the form “Designation – Revocation of a Representative/Agent” and email it to

Forms will processed in a timely manner once they are received by the Order and a confirmation will be sent to the dentists and professionals involved.

Identification code and access

Designated professionals will be given a personal identification code, which will allow them to access the account of the partnership/company identified. They will then be able to complete the annual declaration form and pay the required fees on behalf of the partnership/company and its establishments.


Revocation of a representative/agent

Designated professionals will keep their access rights after the March 31, 2022 deadline unless a notice of revocation is duly completed and signed (form entitled “Designation – Revocation of a Representative/Agent”) is sent to the Order at

Forms will processed in a timely manner once they are received by the Order and a confirmation will be sent to the dentists and professionals involved.

Required fees

The fees required by the Order for the Annual Declaration are now set at $300 for each partnership/company. The same fees apply to each additional establishment operated* by the partnership/company.

(*) A partnership or company OPERATES one or more establishments when it OWNS or RENTS one or more physical premises where dentistry is practiced.

A partnership or company DOES NOT OPERATE ANY establishments when it serves EXCLUSIVELY to collect fees resulting from the provision of professional services in connection with the practice of dentistry, such as a self-employed dentist whose earnings from practicing the profession are paid to their partnership or company rather than to them personally, in their name

For example, a partnership or company that does not operate an establishment or operates only a single establishment must pay a fee of 300$. A partnership or company operating two establishments is required to pay 600$, corresponding to 300$ for the partnership/company itself and first establishment and 300$ for the second establishment.

The required fees must be paid online by Visa or MasterCard.


The deadline for completing the Annual Declaration form AND paying the required fees is March 31, 2022. After this date, fees and penalties will apply to those who have not fulfilled both obligations. To learn more, please consult the Fees and Penalties table.


Printing the summary

Please note that a summary is for printing. To print the summary, click on the “Print” button at the bottom left of the summary.

Mandatory - Information statement - Registraire des entreprises

In section 8 of your 2022 annual declaration, YOU MUST upload an updated information statement concerning your company, which you can obtain by doing a search on the website of the Registraire des entreprises du Québec (REQ).

Updating your information 

A complete summary of the information relating to your company that is currently in the possession of the Order will appear on the screen.

When completing the 2022 Annual Declaration, to be valid, each information appearing in the summary must be verified.

Only inaccurate, missing or incomplete information as well as changes that have not yet been communicated to the Order must be reported in the spaces reserved for this purpose.

Fees an penalties

Information requests – Questions


For information requests or questions, please write to or call us at 514 875-8511, ext. 2254.


Initial declaration and other forms

The Regulation respecting the practice of the dental profession within a limited liability partnership or a joint-stock company and the amendment to the Code of Ethics of Dentists came into force on June 19, 2008.

Any dentist who wishes to obtain the authorization of the Ordre des dentistes du Québec (ODQ) to practise the profession within a limited liability partnership or a joint-stock company must complete the declaration form for this purpose, and submit it with the applicable fees to the Secretary of the ODQ.

For more information or to obtain a form not available on this page, please contact us by email at

* Please note that all PDF forms are in French only


Initial Declaration
Amended declaration Declaration of short/long-form amalgamation Declaration of end of practice partnership/company