Administrative structure

The following departments and services, located at head office, are responsible for fulfilling the mandate of the Ordre des dentistes du Québec.

Organization Chart (French only) (PDF 328 Kb)

Administration Office

The Administration Office oversees the application of the decisions and policies of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and the President. It is responsible for applying the provisions and fulfilling the chief responsibilities set out in the Professional Code, the Dental Act and their corresponding regulations. The Office co-ordinates the activities of the Order's departments and services. It is also responsible for human resources management for the Order's employees and helps draft and implement the Order's various related policies and programs.

Admission, Roll, Legal Services and Registrar Department

The Admision, Roll, Legal Services and Registrar Department manages and updates the Roll of ODQ members. It handles applications for diploma and training equivalence from dentists trained outside Quebec and applications from dentists wishing to practise in a joint-stock company or partnership. The Department also acts as secretariat for the Disciplinary Council, the Review Committee and the Council for Conciliation and Arbitration of Accounts.

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Department plans and manages the Order's financial, material and computer resources. It works in close co-operation with the other departments and helps to set and achieve the Order’s strategic objectives.

Dental Medicine Department

The Dental Medicine Department coordinates the training activities for dentists based on the needs identified and the existing regulatory framework. The services it provides include the Order’s annual convention and the Journées dentaires internationales du Québec, as well as both mandatory and optional training for dentists offered throughout the year. The department also supports dentists by producing guidelines and documents on all areas of the practice of dentistry. It provides timely information to members on an ongoing basis. It ensures that university training in dentistry reflects the skills required to practise the profession. In addition, it is tasked with developing a standardized process for training periods enforced by the Executive Committee or required by a member, and with ensuring the necessary follow-up. The department serves as the secretariat for the Dentistry Practice Development Committee, the Young Members Committee and the Dental Education Committee.

Syndic's Office

The Syndic's Office ensures that appropriate activities are carried out in fulfillment of its responsibilities under the Professional Code. The Syndic or the Assistant Syndic may conduct an inquiry when informed of a dentist's possible violation of a professional act or regulation, including the Code of Ethics.

Professional Services

This Department monitors the quality of dental practice and oversees the application and co-ordination of the Order’s General Supervision Program, to ensure public protection. It co-ordinates the work of the Professional Inspection Committee and supports inspectors in carrying out their duties. It advises members of the Order on applicable legislation and standards of practice. It also co-ordinates the Personalized Monitoring Program for members with physical or psychological health problems liable to jeopardize the quality of their practice.

Public Affairs and Communications

This department develops policies and practices and advises members of the Order on all endeavours related to information, public affairs and communications. It develops, organizes and co-ordinates the Order's communications and public relations plan, both for the public and for dentists, in accordance with the Order's mission and objectives. This department produces le Journal de l'Ordre, the official voice of the Ordre des dentistes du Québec, four times a year.

Journées dentaires internationales du Québec

This department provides logistical and technical support for the Journées dentaires internationales du Québec, the annual convention of the Ordre des dentistes du Québec. It also oversees the application of the Continuing Education Policy and co-ordinates the work of the Dentistry Practice Development Committee.

Staff List (French only)

Direction générale

Me Caroline Daoust
Directrice générale et secrétaire

Marie-Eve Lapointe
Conseillère principale en ressources humaines

Sylvie Morin
Coordonnatrice à la direction générale

Christiane Faucher
Adjointe exécutive

Mary-Jane Yong

Direction de l'exercice de la médecine dentaire

Dr Pierre Boudrias

Dre Véronic Deschênes
Directrice adjointe

Dre Chantal Aubry
Directrice adjointe - affaires professionnelles

Dr Denis Forest
Responsable émérite de la formation continue

Dr Stéphane Monette

Direction - Admission, tableau, services juridiques et greffes

Me Priscille Pelletier
Directrice générale adjointe et secrétaire adjointe

Me France Gauthier
Conseillère juridique

Me Maud Morrissette
Secrétaire du conseil de discipline

Nathalie Beaulieu
Adjointe à la directrice générale adjointe

Catherine Lalonde
Responsable - admission

Chantal Lamarre 
Responsable - exercice en société 

Renée Lauzier
Responsable - tableau

Carole Pigeon
Responsable - services aux membres

Direction des services administratifs

Josée Blanchette
Chef comptable

Laura-Kim Robichaud
Technicienne à la paie et comptabilité

Sylvain Gagné
Responsable des technologies numériques

Vlad Davidescu
Analyste technique - informatique

Frédéric Simon
Analyste Infrastructure et Sécurité

Ginette Bellemare

Viviane Coudsi
Réceptionniste (vendredi)

Direction du Bureau du syndic

Dr Mario Mailhot

Dr Guy Auger
Syndic adjoint

Dr Sylvain Desranleau
Syndic adjoint

Dr Sébastien Greiche
Syndic adjoint

Dr Pierre Lafleur
Syndic adjoint

Dr Jean-Charles Létourneau
Syndic adjoint

Dre Martine Masson
Syndique adjointe

Dre Helen Mpantis
Syndique adjointe

Dr Stéphane Parent
Syndic adjoint

Dre Christine Demers

Dre Ngoc-Ha Nguyen

Me Johanne Pinsonnault

Valérie Fournier
Adjointe juridique

Élizabeth Deschamps
Technicienne juridique et enquêteur

Céline Jeannot
Adjointe aux enquêtes

Érika Laliberté
Adjointe aux enquêtes

Poste Vacant
Adjointe aux enquêtes

Annie Turcotte
Adjointe aux enquêtes

Direction des services professionnels

Poste vacant

Dre Isabelle Solis
Directrice adjointe - qualité de l'exercice

Lucie Francoeur
Adjointe administrative

Angélique Courchesne
Secrétaire senior

Alia Haidar-Marques
Secrétaire junior

Dre Élizabeth Bergeron
Dr Yves Couture
Dre Hélène Ouellet
Dre Misako Nguyen-Kim
Dre Andréanne St-Martin


Direction des affaires publiques et des communications

Me André Lavoie

Dr Paul Morin
Rédacteur adjoint - Journal de l'Ordre des dentistes du Québec

Nathalie Chassé
Coordonnatrice aux communications


Direction des Journées dentaires

Dr Mario Auger

Dr Jonathan H. Lang
Dentiste-conseil (vendredi)

Marie Tétreault
Coordonnatrice aux JDIQ

Christine Favreau
Secrétaire - inscriptions

Natalie Séguin
Adjointe administrative - conférenciers