The Order cancels the JDIQ

On March 12, 2020, you received a message informing you that the planning for the Journées dentaires internationales du Québec (JDIQ) was still underway. Since that time, the Order has been in constant communication with authorities, including the Ministry of Health and Social Services and the Public Health Directorate. The rapid spread of coronavirus in Quebec now suggests a deterioration in terms of the public health situation.

The JDIQ is a special event that brings together members of our profession, enables exhibitors to connect with dental teams and provides us with the opportunity to deliver a range of continuing education sessions. While undeniable, these benefits do not outweigh the repercussions of the health crisis we are experiencing at the moment. In fact, nothing justifies putting at risk the health of participants and the public; this is a key priority for us at the Order.

We had many weeks left before the event, but all experts agree that even if the situation does improve, it would not be prudent to bring together such a large group of people so soon after a health crisis. This decision by the Board of Directors of the Order has been carefully deliberated and is supported by optimal risk management for the health of convention participants and surrounding communities.

As we await another opportunity to bring together dentists and their teams for training, we will be doing everything we can to facilitate access to quality programs, more specifically through our Dentoform platform.

Refund of registration fees

Everyone with an active registration as of today’s date will receive a full refund (100%) of the registration fees. We will also reimburse the registration cancellation fees held since March 16, inclusive.

This situation is unprecedented. Please know that we will do everything in our power to make sure the refunds are sent to you as quickly as possible.

On behalf of the entire JDIQ team, we would like to thank you warmly for your interest in the Order’s convention. We look forward to seeing you at the 50th JDIQ, which will be held from May 28 to June 1, 2021, and invite you to visit our Website and Facebook page.

Mario Auger, DMD
Director of the JDIQ

A regular or corner space includes:
  • a 10’x10’ floor space without exposition booth or furniture
  • 24-hour security in the exhibit area
  • janitorial services within the booth as well as in the general exhibit area
  • on site material handling and storage of exhibitor’s crates
  • free registration of your representatives
  • storage of empty boxes
  • professional show manager

The Show Special package includes:

  • 1 exhibit space regular or corner Illustration (PDF 119 Kb)
  • 1 Octonorm booth (10' x 10')
  • 1 grey carpet
  • 1 draped 4’ table or counter
  • 2 chairs or stools
  • 1 vinyl sign, 1 colour (maximum 20 characters)
  • Installation and dismantling

Lighting and electrical connection are at the exhibitor’s expense.

SUM Logistik - Entry and exit of exhibitors

Event Management Systems - Lead Retrieval

Palais des congrès de Montréal - Electrical services, Plumbing services, Telecommunications services, Sign installation and Food services

 GES - Rental, Installation and dismantling of stand, Rental of furniture and accessories
North American Logistic Services - Official Carrier and Customs Broker
Freeman audiovisuel Canada - Audio visual services