Dental insurance plans

Many people are covered by group insurance, generally offered by their employer, for certain medical and dental services. The type of services covered and the eligible fees vary from one insurance plan to another. Your employer should be able to explain.

You may ask your dentist to provide the insurance company with a treatment plan ahead of time in order to find out what services are covered and how much will be reimbursed by your group insurance plan.

Dental plans that provide full coverage for dental fees are rare. A portion of the fees is generally not covered and is your responsibility. Plans often include an annual deductible and an annual maximum reimbursement.


  • It is up to you, and not your dentist, to check with your insurer to find out what portion of the treatment plan will be covered by your group insurance.
  • Your dentist is not bound by the fees set by your insurer.
  • Your dentist cannot change the usual fees simply because you are covered by an insurance plan.