Making a complaint

Anyone may file a complaint with the Syndic of the Order if he or she feels that a dentist has violated his or her ethical obligations, i.e. the duties imposed in the practice of the profession.

If you would like any further information before making a complaint, you can contact the Syndic's office at 514 875-8511, extension 2270, or toll free at 1 800 361-4887.

Submitting a complaint

Inquiry requests must be submitted to the Syndic in writing. Only the original document signed by the individual making the request will be accepted. The request must contain:

  • a description of the facts leading to the complaint
  • the name(s) of the dentist(s) the patient has consulted, if applicable
  • other elements relevant to the request

To be accepted by the ODQ, an investigation request must contain a declaration signed by the complainant. The Syndic does not accept any e-mail investigation requests, or any e-mail requests for information.

The Syndic’s role

The Syndic of the Ordre des dentistes du Québec conducts inquiries into dentists’ ethical conduct, concerning professional services provided by dentists or relating to events involving members of the Order.

Since the Syndic’s mission is to protect the public, he or she ensures that dentists comply with the provisions of the Professional Code, the Dental Act, the Code of Ethics of Dentists and the related regulations.

The inquiry

The Syndic may conduct an inquiry when he or she is informed that a member of the Order has violated the Professional Code, and may resolve disputes between any individual and a dentist concerning professional fees.

After the request is received, an inquiry is conducted. The process usually entails sending the complainant's declaration to the dentist under investigation and requesting the patient's dental records from that dentist and from other dentists and professionals mentioned in the complaint.

The Syndic’s Office may appoint a dentist to examine the patient. The resulting expert's report is not made available to the patient, except where disciplinary action is involved.

Results of the inquiry

Upon completing the inquiry, the Syndic may:

  • dismiss the complaint
  • contact the dentist in writing or by telephone to resolve the dispute (ethical conciliation)
  • file a complaint with the Disciplinary Council


Neither the Syndic’s Office nor the Disciplinary Council can reimburse or pay for damages when an ODQ member has provided inadequate services. Complaints regarding inadequate services and damages must be submitted to the competent civil court.