Evaluating quality of practice

In Quebec, all professional orders are governed by the Professional Code, which makes them responsible for public protection. A professional practice supervision program designed by the Professional Inspection Committee is administered by the Ordre des dentistes du Québec as part of this mandate.

The purpose of this program is to allow the Order to ensure that the dental  care provided for the public meets North American standards of practice. Inspectors visit all ODQ member dentists practising in Quebec, at regular intervals of three to six years.

General inspection visits

The purpose of a general inspection visit is to evaluate certain aspects of a dentist’s practice, including:

  • compliance with asepsis standards
  • office keeping
  • maintenance of equipment
  • record keeping
  • compliance with generally recognized standards in dentistry

During the visit, the dentist is informed immediately of any omissions in his or her practice. A written report noting the corrective measures required is later sent to the dentist. The dentist must provide, within the time limits stipulated, the list of steps taken to correct the omissions indicated in the report.

Visits without prior notice

The Order cannot accept any departure from the infection prevention protocol. A dentist who does not respect asepsis standards will receive a visit without prior notice, at the request of the Professional Inspection Committee.

The purpose of such visits is to allow the Order to verify whether the dentist and his or her staff are applying disinfection and sterilization techniques and standard asepsis measures, including wearing gloves, masks and glasses. Any changes required must be carried out immediately. A visit without prior notice may lead to closure of the clinic if it does not meet standards.