Student register

Under the Regulation respecting the professional activities that may be engaged in by persons other than dentists (the “Regulation”), any student enrolled in:
  1. a program of studies in dentistry;
  2. a host or exchange program approved by an educational institution that issues a diploma recognized in Quebec;
  3. a qualification program;
  4. a training period for the recognition of an equivalence,
must be entered in the student register of the Ordre des dentistes du Québec (the “register”).

Who is required to enter the register?

The following people must be entered in the register:

  • students enrolled in a DMD;
  • students enrolled in a master’s program or residency program who do not have a permit to practice dentistry in Quebec;
  • students enrolled in a dentistry qualification program or who are in a training program to obtain an equivalence;
  • any person who must complete a training period in dentistry (university exchange, equivalence process or others).

Why enter the register?

Students entered in the register can be recognized by the Ordre as authorized to perform certain professional activities that are reserved for dentists. Registered students may:

  • under the supervision of a dentist who is available to intervene on short notice and who is present in a training setting recognized by the educational institution or in a centre operated by a health institution within the meaning of the Act respecting health services and social services, engage in the activities reserved for dentists under section 26 and 27 of the Dental Act that are required to complete the program or training period, as the case may be;
  • have access to the members’ section of the Ordre’s website.

Being entered in the register grants certain privileges to students, but it also involves certain duties and responsibilities.

Duties and responsibilities of students

As a student in a dentistry program, you must comply with the Code of ethics of dentists, the Dental Act, and the regulations of the Ordre.

You also have a duty to:

  • inform the Ordre of changes in your personal information, including any change of address, name, email address, program of study or training program;
  • inform the Ordre if you quit or are expelled from the program of study or training program;
  • keep the card the Ordre gives you to certify that you are entered in the register;  
  • wear the lapel pin the Order provides to identify you as a student during your clinical activities.

Your name will be struck from the register if you quit or are expelled from the program of study, or if you fail to meet the deadlines or comply with the terms of the training period.

If you have not entered the register or if your name is no longer in it, you may not engage in any professional activities reserved for dentists.

When should you enter the register?

When you begin your first year of study or before you begin your training period, no later than September 30 of the current year.

For students who began their program of study or training period in previous years and who are not already registered in the register, the deadline for entering the register is September 30.

Registration fee

The registration fee is $50 plus taxes, for a total of $57.49. The fee is payable only once, when you first enter the register.

Your registration must be confirmed by the Ordre before you begin any clinical activities or work in a laboratory.

How do you enter the register?

To enter the register, you must fill out a Student register Application Form.

Your application, duly completed and signed, must be submitted with the following documents:

  • an original or a certified true copy of your birth certificate;
  • the certification on page 5 on the application, duly completed and signed by the director of the program of study or the dean of the faculty of dentistry in the educational institution where you have gained admission;
  • payment of the registration fee by cheque or money order or via the credit card authorization form.

These documents must be received by the Ordre des dentistes no later than September 30 at the following address:

Ordre des dentistes du Québec
Admission, Roll, Legal Services and Registrar Department
800 René-Lévesque Blvd. West, suite 1640
Montreal, Quebec  H3B 1X9

Registration renewal?

Your registration is valid for the duration of your program of study or training period; there is no requirement to renew.

If necessary, the registration will remain valid for an additional month after your program of study ends so that you may complete any clinical cases you began during the program of study or training period.

At all times, however, you have a duty to inform the Ordre of any change in your personal information (see Duties and responsibilities of students section).

Registration card and identifying lapel pin

An identification card is issued by the Ordre to confirm the inclusion of your name in the register. Your name, registration number, identification code and the program of study in which you are enrolled will appear on the card.

The registration number is necessary for communicating with the Ordre and the identification code is required to access the members’ section on the Ordre’s website.

The identifying student lapel pin is required and must be worn in full view on your clothing at all times during clinical activities.

If you lose your registration card or identifying lapel pin, you must inform the Ordre and ask for a new one to be issued, for a fee.

Communicating with the Ordre

When communicating with the Ordre in the future, please identify yourself with your name and the registration number on your registration card. This prevents any confusion between students with the same name.


If you have any question, please contact the person responsible for the student register at the Ordre at the Admission, Roll, Legal Services and Registrar Department by email at or by telephone at 514-875-8511.

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